We make improvements to the truck suspension, get our solar configured just in time to go off-grid for a few days, and set out to explore (eat our way around) beautiful Buffalo, NY.

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  1. James on October 21, 2019 at 1:00 pm

    Well I cam’t leave a comment on youtube. Protection mode. Tried to leave a comment through Facebook but when I click comment section it never shows a comment box. About ready to give up. I would love to support you through Patreon but i am retired and on disability.

    Your last comment where you said that traveling really takes it out of you but Hensley is raring to go. I wonder how many times my Dad came home
    from work at the Fire Station or on his day off from the FS was tired working a second job but he was willing to play ball ?. What sacrifices parents make for their children !