We brave car show traffic for Watkins Glen’s Gorge Trail, one of the most spectacular hikes we’ve ever taken. Afterward, we continue to the northeast and our first stay ever with Harvest Hosts.

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  1. Chip Carney on November 3, 2019 at 10:25 pm

    Welcome to Central New York! We are in East Syracuse. I’ve been following you folks for a while and it was fun to see your reaction to our neck of the woods. Your highway footage after leaving Watkins Glen was a surprise as I know these roads! Then your stop at Abbott’s Farms is B’Ville is just down the road from us.

    We just bought a 1986 Airstream Argosy and a Chevy Express Van to tow it. Sound familiar? Our camping history has been on our land in the foothills just inside the west side of the Adirondack Park with pop-up campers. With the Argosy we hope to spread our wings a bit and travel some.

    Thanks for the enjoyment we get from all your hard work putting your videos together and sharing your experience and wisdom with your Airstream and 5th Wheel setups. I’ll be looking to take the 86 “Squarestream” from the past to the present with updated technology where it matters.

    Enjoy your time in the North East!