We check several places off the bucket list including Cape Cod, Plymouth Rock, and Newport’s Cliff Walk. Plus, Hensley surprises us with a question we didn’t expect just yet, and JJ does something he’s never done before.

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  1. Barbara Floyd on January 26, 2020 at 9:15 pm

    I haven’t watched a full video lately, so decided to take the time tonight – the lighthouse theme caught my attention, I love them. I usually catch y’all on Facebook and do a quick glance through. I have been following y’all since Hensley was potty training – y’all were in a motor home then. She has so much energy and enthusiasm and I can tell an inquisitive mind. I love to listen to her talk – “Children? Children don’t build” — love it! All the traveling y’all do and homeschooling, she will learn more than if she was in a physical school.