Why We Film Our Life On Youtube

By Marissa | November 8, 2016

  I have an idea! Let’s film our life and put it in Youtube! I actually cannot remember the exact conversation of how that became a reality, but I am guessing it went something like that. A year ago this week was the beginning of an amazing journey for our family. Once we made the…

Is it Brave or Crazy? What Can be Gained from Downsizing.

By Marissa | October 31, 2016

After a year and a half of living in an RV full time, we hear the phrase quite a bit, “You are so Brave!”. The funny thing is, I remember that same thought of others who lived this lifestyle when we discovered RV living. I have to say though, I don’t feel brave at all.…

Not Good Enough

By Marissa | August 21, 2016

I have been struggling lately with not feeling good enough. I have to fight this struggle of inadequacy more often than I would like to admit. These thoughts start sneaking slowly in my mind like dripping water without me even noticing, until it is too late and I become drenched in insecurities. We put so…

Balancing Work and Travel in an RV

By Nathan | August 15, 2016

Working while living in an RV is way different than my last 9-5 job. Having boundaries and goals set out for you at a job makes working actually a bit easier in a sense. The constant pressure of figuring out your own deadlines, juggling times and places to work, and creating that separation of “I’m here, but…


Working Out on the Road

By Marissa | January 19, 2016

Working out and staying healthy on the road while traveling does make it a little more difficult to stay in shape. Especially as a mom, we are always on the go. While traveling, it’s hard to keep a gym membership anywhere because you are picking up and leaving frequently and it’s difficult to retain any…

Holidays Stressing You Out? 5 Ways to Keep Christmas Simple

By Marissa | December 9, 2015

[do_widget “YouTube Subscribe Button”] 364 days away! I remember thinking that sad thought as a kid when I realized Christmas was over and that was the number of days left until we got to celebrate again. Think back to being a child on Christmas and how exciting that experience was. I couldn’t sleep due to…


9 Steps for Simplifying Life with a Capsule Wardrobe

By Marissa | December 2, 2015

[do_widget “YouTube Subscribe Button”] “I have nothing to wear!” Sound familiar? This is probably the most famous line of any female getting ready. My husband often refers to me as Taz, the Tasmanian Devil from the cartoon Looney Tunes as I get dressed. As much as I want to be offended by that, because who…


Thanksgiving is About Being Thankful, Not Having Our Cart Full

By Marissa | November 25, 2015

It’s the “most wonderful time” of the year once again. A time for macing fellow shoppers over Xbox’s, trampling and stepping over people who collapse (and sometimes later die), and stabbing others over a parking space. It’s Black Friday time! Ok, who am I kidding. It’s Gray Thursday. Some retailers are already opening at 8am on…


Can I Live with Less and Still Be Happy?

By Marissa | November 8, 2015

You would think the words less and happy would never go together in the same sentence. How could having LESS bring more HAPPINESS to a person? Isn’t that what we have been taught in our culture… that having more “stuff” leads to more happiness? When we decided to sell our house and begin having LESS…


3 Tips for Living in a Small Space

By Nathan | November 4, 2015

One of my biggest fears before moving into an RV was whether or not our stuff would take over our space. Even in our 4 bedroom, 2 bath house it seemed tough at times to keep things out of the way. However, I’ve learned It’s human nature to fill up the space we are in. Many of…