Trailers, Fifth Wheels, & Motorhomes. Oh My!

When we made the decision to move into a camper there was one little problem…We knew nothing about camping. Neither my husband or I had grown up camping (although he had done some tent camping as a kid) so we had nowhere to start besides from scratch. One of the best ways to get started…

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Can I Live with Less and Still Be Happy?


You would think the words less and happy would never go together in the same sentence. How could having LESS bring more HAPPINESS to a person? Isn’t that what we have been taught in our culture… that having more “stuff” leads to more happiness? When we decided to sell our house and begin having LESS…

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If I Want to Downsize, Where Do I Start?


After making the big decision to sell your house and everything in it for a life on the open road the next question is where do I start? How is this even possible? How do I make money? What about insurance? What will my family and friends think? What if I hate it?  WHAT WILL…

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