The One Where We Try To Get A Couch Through Our RV Window

Don’t miss the big reveal of our 5th wheel makeover! With a lot of help from our Friends, we paint the interior, change the trim on the slides, swap light fixtures, build a new table that’s perfect for RVing with kids, and make several other RV modifications in this renovation.

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  1. Sue Main on November 21, 2021 at 11:54 pm

    We just watched your video and loved it.
    I heard you say you are going to paint your cabinets. And I wanted to suggest you to use enamel primer and enamel paint instead of latex. I painted our 16 year old oak cabinets and just used latex primer and paint but it did not hold up well. It wore off on areas that were handled often and needed to be touched up frequently. Semi gloss washes up great but not to much gloss.

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